Using Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality widgets enrich support sessions, facilitating communication between the field operator and the remote expert.

Widgets are virtual graphic elements that can be inserted into a video or image thanks to Augmented Reality. The main feature of these widgets is the ability to remain attached to the framed object once inserted, despite the movement of the frame, ensuring greater accuracy in the transmission of information between the two operators on call. They are available, during the call, in the bar at the bottom left.

The types of widgets that can be used are:

  • Freehand drawing – allows you to draw directly on the image or video using your finger or a stylus.
  • Standard – includes Danger and Arrow widgets (expandable to select different orientations).
  • Optional – include the Text widget (with which you can enter short alphanumeric texts), Rotation Arrows and Circle.

Using widgets

To insert a widget within a video or image, it is necessary to select it from those available in the call interface and then press on the selected video stream or photograph. Once selected, the same type of widget will be inserted every time a tap or click occurs anywhere in the video or image you are sharing.

Deleting a widget

Upon insertion of the first widget, a delete button will appear near the selection interface. By pressing this button it will be possible to delete the last widget inserted and by pressing and holding all the widgets inserted in the scene will be deleted.

In the web version, the list is present at the bottom of the editor panel, from this you can delete the widgets individually using the corresponding X, or delete them all using the appropriate DELETE ALL button.