Accessing the photo-sharing mode

The photo exchange mode is designed for all situations in which the internet connection does not allow stable video communication or where it’s required to operate hands-free.

You can access the image sharing mode at the start of the session, by selecting START PHOTO MODE, or at any time during the video streaming session using the appropriate function in the menu at the top right (button with Camera icon). Audio streaming will continue to work for the duration of the call, even in this mode.

Sharing and receiving a picture

Warning! It is possible to share a photo in Photo Exchange mode only from the mobile application (smartphone or tablet) as a Field Operator.

To start sharing an image, tap the image shutter button in the center of the screen. After taking the photo, the application allows you to add widgets in the same way as video sharing by offering the same editing interface. Once finished, by tapping the Send button at the bottom right, the interlocutor will receive a box marked with a title, an update date and a preview of the shot on the screen previously dedicated to video streaming. From this moment, both users will be able to insert annotations on the shared image, in real time.

The eye icon indicates which image the person with whom we are communicating is looking: if the icon is present on the full screen image, it means that both users involved are looking at the same synchronized image.

You can close the image you are working on to return to the photo list by selecting the appropriate close button at the top left. Both users can freely move between the shared images on this screen, continuing to annotate using widgets. When an image is opened, the widgets synchronized to the last edit made will be shown.

You can always take new photos to share. If the user is operating on a specific full screen image, he will receive a clickable notification each time he receives a new shot to be able to access it, as well as finding it in the photo list.

Saving a picture

It is possible to save a specific image while sharing with the associated widgets, by pressing the image capture button in the menu at the top right. While saving, you can define the name of the image: it will then be available for consultation within the CMS.