Starting a call

The reachable contacts are listed in the Contacts list. For each contact, the name, the device from which they logged in, their geographical position and status are displayed.

To start a call, select an online contact from the Contacts list, checking that it is properly available and connected.

At the start of each call, the user who needs to transmit video or images will have to select the start of their video streaming or photo mode, in order to enable all the necessary features for the session.

In the event of a Web-App call, the call will start by transmitting the video streaming of the user who is using the mobile application.

Warning! At any time during the call, it is possible to switch from one mode to another and from one source to another using the appropriate function in the call control menu at the top right.

If the user you want to contact is offline, you can send a contact request. The user will receive a push notification on the devices through which they have logged in, inviting them to access the app to join the call.