Sharing a file

The file-sharing capability allows operators to send manuals, tables, images and other documents to the other party, to facilitate the completion of the intervention.

By accessing the specific panel using the paperclip icon in the functions menu, it will be possible to choose a file (.jpg images, .pdf documents or other if specified), among those available on CMS or by uploading from your device, to share it with your interlocutor. Once the file has been received, a notification will be shown, which, if pressed, will allow you to consult the document.

By selecting the notification and following the instructions on your device, you will be able to consult the document. Meanwhile, the call will remain active – in voice mode only – in background.

It is possible to consult the list of documents shared during the call: in the web version, the files are listed in the appropriate panel dedicated to the sharing function; within the mobile application it is necessary to access the file sharing panel, within the tab called SHARED.